About Bristol Balloons

About Bristol Balloons

Any day when the wind is right, you're likely to see one of Bristol Balloons distinctive multicoloured balloons floating somewhere over the Bristol skyline.

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We are passionate about ballooning. In 1978 Bristol Balloons was the first company to be awarded a British Civil Aviation Authority Certificate for passenger flying. Ever since the launch of our first Champagne passenger flight, we have pushed to go further and aim higher in delivering the best possible passenger ride experience.

Today Bristol Balloons has grown to encompass a fleet of hot air balloons, a familiar sight all over the South West and South Wales.

We haven't lost our pioneering spirit and are constantly looking at new ways of making it easier for more and more people to come and fly.

Bristol Balloons is a Civil Aviation Authority certificated operator and a member of BABO (The British Association of Balloon Operators), if the company you are thinking of booking with is not a BABO member, think again!

Although ballooning in the UK has one of the best safety records in the world and is one of the safest forms of aviation; it is prudent to always check you are using a properly licensed operator when you purchase a balloon flight.

All BABO members are current holders of an Air Operators Certificate and have signed up to a Code of Conduct to ensure the very highest of standard are met. As a result, all BABO members will strive to provide excellent customer service and care, and use national terms and conditions of sale which are registered with the Office of Fair Trading.

Bristol BalloonsTM is part of Ballooning Network Ltd. Registered in England and Wales No 4129672