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Register for the 2019 Bristol Balloon Fiesta

2019 Bristol International Balloon Fiesta

Passenger bookings have not opened for the 2019 Fiesta, however, you can pre-register your interest by sending an e-mail to

Please put BIBF 2019 in the Subject Line, we will then e-mail you when bookings open for flights in a shared basket with other passengers.

If you are interested in a private balloon flight just for 2 to 4 persons please put BIBF 2019 Exclusive in the Subject Line.

Flights are usually at 6am & 6pm on the

  • Thursday (pm only)
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

Saturday pm flights always fills first!

If you wish to see a 'Night Glow' (Thurs & Sat) it is advisable not to book a flight on that night in case of delay in returning to the venue. Traffic conditions are out of our control. 

Fiesta car parking is run by the event organisers, bookings can be made via the Balloon Fiesta website which will open nearer to the event date, regretfully we cannot do this for you.

Full terms and conditions of booking are available via our website.

All Balloon Fiesta Vouchers are NON-REFUNDABLE (your statutory rights are not effected).

NB: All details including dates relating to The Balloon Fiesta 2019 are subject to confirmation by the organisers, hence why bookings have not yet opened.


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